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Rex Andrew, Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires’ special guest, talks about his work ethic from a young age, first job, first business and first deal. Then, he moves on to share the trends, expectations and behaviors that have progressed from the start of the internet through Amazon’s influence today. Also, Rex highlights what grabs people’s attention so that they respond. Furthermore, he shares about his business including a pro bono incentive for listeners. In closing, Rex offers encouragement and an equity of life challenge. Thank you for listening, and remember that a five star review is greatly appreciated.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to DonnaMiller43 for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Best real estate investing show
I recently discovered this podcast, and I’m glad I did! She is the best host and so full of knowledge and encouragement. I highly recommend listening.

Time Stamps:

1:00 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Inside the Minds of Millionaires.
1:28 Dwan introduces herself and shares her motto.
1:47 Dwan welcomes special guest, Rex Andrew.
2:18 Rex shares his background and about when he first became a landlord at 19 years old.
7:36 Dwan and Rex toast to a cup of tea and do a weekly check in.
8:43 Dwan shares about when she met Rex.
11:06 Rex shares that he started his first business at the age 17.
11:20 Dwan asks to share about his mindset at age 13 or 14.
18:18 Dwan highlights the midwestern work ethic instilled in Rex.
21:25 Rex shares about his first job out of college.
22:43 Rex shares about his first deal.
26:52 Rex summarizes the internet and the dotcom surge leading to Amazon and behavior expectations.
36:09 Rex highlights the expectation placed on the rest of us.
42:10 Rex talks about the fastest way to get ads to your website.
43:10 Rex talks about TicToc.
44:24 Rex explains why yellow is the most important color in advertising.
50:25 Rex highlights how he grew his podcast listening audience.
50:49 Rex shares that he can be found at onlinetraffix.com or reached at and rex@onlinetraffix.com.
52:23 Rex emphasizes that we buy emotions.
52:35 Rex identifies the emotions that people respond to: more money, more power, more sex.
53:23 Rex emphasizes that there comes a time when more is enough.
54:45 Rex challenges you that if you want more results, go to relentless.com.
56:46 Rex shares this week’s equity of life: attitude of gratitude.
1:01:05 Rex invites you to come listen to his podcast, Rex Andrew Show and shares is website, onlinetraffix.com, and email, rex@onlinetraffix.com
1:02:10 Rex offers some pro bono tips to listeners.
1:03:10 Rex shares his favorite band, Def Leppard.
1:05:20 Rex shares his parting words, never be afraid to fail.
1:05:50 Dwan thanks you for listening and would appreciate a five star review for both her and Rex.

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