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Which neighborhood is the best right now for investing is exactly what Bill teaches in this episode of Investing on the Go. First, he shares how he classifies neighborhoods by Levels 1-5. Then, he explains each level in detail. Next, he shares the best levels to focus on for investing, “subject to”s and rehabbing. Furthermore, he explains what his apprentice program offers and the first thing he does when he gets to a city. In summary, Bill recommends focusing on the Level 2-3 neighborhoods as a good starting point. Lastly, he thanks you for listening and would be appreciative of a five star review for Investing on the Go.


Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Russell Rael for listening via iTunes and leaving the following five star review:
Best Podcast!

Hands down one of my favorite podcasts to learn from ever! It’s such a good tool to learn from and has helped me so much already.


Time Stamps:

:53 Bill Twyford welcomes you to the Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever.
2:00 Bill introduces today’s topic: The Top Three Types of Neighborhoods to Scout Out.
2:15 Bill explains how they classify neighborhoods, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, and why they classify them like that.
3:05 Bill highlights what a Level 1 neighborhood is.
4:57 Bill recommends that new investors begin with the worst neighborhood in the city and work out from there.
6:30 Bill highlights that rehab activity is not in gated communities or neighborhoods built in the last ten years but more like homes built in the 60s and 70s.
7:15 Bill explains that the best way to gauge rehab potential is by getting in the streets and shares what his apprentice program offers.
9:00 Bill explains how to classify both the buyers along with the areas to work.
10:10 Bill explains the grid areas.
11:10 Bill explains Level 5 neighborhoods and why they aren’t great for rehabbing. Level 4 neighborhood houses, on the other hand, are great “subject to” houses if the numbers work.
12:08 Bill explains Level 2 and Level 3 houses.
13:45 Bill explains how rehabbers don’t have time to chase leads and homeowners in distress but want a wholesaler to feed them deals which is where you come in.
15:25 Bill explains how to make the most of your time by working with “tire kickers.”
16:00 Bill thanks you for listening and asks you to take time to leave a 5 star review.

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