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The top investing strategy for 2021 is brought to you by Bill Twyford in this episode of Investing on the Go. First, Bill recaps the state of the market in 2020. Next, he predicts the wave of 2021 and what to watch for as markets start to go down in cities across the United States. In fact, he shares a great website for technical analysis, todaysrealestatemarkets.com. Furthermore, he emphasizes that the best way to ride a wave is to stay ahead of it. Also, Bill highlights the importance of you establishing value through the ten strategies you have to offer as options for distressed homeowners. In closing, Bill invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com and asks you to leave a five star review.

Listener Spotlight

Listener Spotlight
Thank you to Dean Berry for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Understanding the roots of real estate investing
What a nice change of pace from other real estate podcasts. Most other real estate podcasts focus on finance and structuring deals to make money. While that is important, this podcast teaches you how to be more. Thank you!

Time Stamps:

:49 Bill welcomes you to Investing on the Go.
1:40 Bill recaps the 2020 market and predicts the wave for 2021.
2:02 Bill shares what the wave of 2021 will be: short sales, subject to’s and wholesaling.
2:35 Bill talks about the market going down.
3:45 Bill shares how he got started in his career: prospect, qualify, follow up, negotiate and close.
4:40 Bill emphasizes that when a market starts to turn, you must be in front of the wave.
4:52 Bill encourages you that what you do today makes a difference in 90 days.
5:32 Bill invites you to take a look at todaysrealestatemarkets.com for technical analysis.
6:14 Bill talks about strategies and shares the markets where he thinks short sales are going to be huge.
6:27 Bill shares what you will see over the next 6-12 months once markets start coming down.
6:58 Bill explains that nobody has a better pulse on the markets than the banks.
8:03 Bill encourages you to learn how to take a property “subject to” and explains what a subject to is.
9:31 Bill highlights the multiple streams of exit strategies.
10:10 Bill encourages you that 2021 is going to be a great year for investing if you believe that you can make money in a market going down.
10:49 Bill explains that you have to learn how to beat the system and get control of deals before the realtors do.
12:11 Bill shares how he buys 5000 leads at a time.
12:42 Bill lists the ten options available to offer those leads.
13:10 Bill explains the conversation you will have to help when you explain the ten options to distressed homeowners.
14:22 Bill emphasizes the importance of helping homeowners feel like you are there to help them vs. the banks who want either their house or the money.
15:06 Bill explains that you are in this business to establish value.
15:56 Bill asks you to go to Dwanderful.com to subscribe and leave a five star review.


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