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Marshall Sylver is the special guest for this episode of Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires. First, he shares his background as a(n) motivator, author, entertainer, hypnotist and educator who has helped people reprogram their minds and transform their lives for over 35 years. Next, Marshall candidly shares about life in general including his recent health challenges, his relationship with his wife and having kids at his age. Then, Marshall shares about his work mindset beginning at ten years old. Also, he shares about his perspective regarding money in relation to happiness. In fact, Dawn and Marshall speak candidly on passing down a healthy mindset of money and work life balance to the next generation. In closing, Marshall shares a special equity of life that will start your day off on the right foot and set the tone for the rest of your day.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Anthony Rigsby for listening via iTunes and leaving the following five star review:
Love this podcast!
Love listening to this podcast! So informative and helpful when it comes to finances. This has really helped me become more confident in my finances at this stage of life.


Time Stamps:

1:00 Dwan welcomes you to Inside the Minds of Millionaires.
1:36 Dwan introduces Marshall Sylver.
2:08 Marshall shares his background.
4:22 Marshall and Dwan cheers to their healthy beverages for the weekly check in.
6:45 Marshall shares some recent health challenges.
9:15 Marshall shares about the relationship with his spouse.
13:40 Marshall shares what he was like at ten years olds and how he worked 40 hours a week beginning at ten.
14:56 Marshall shares what his perspective was when he lived in the chicken coop. “What you don’t know, you don’t know.”
15:46 Marshall highlights that he’s not attached to being broke or poor, and being rich doesn’t make him happy or being poor doesn’t make him unhappy.
20:02 Marshall shares about having kids.
23:00 Dwan and Marshall talk about the mindset around their ages and the balance between their physical age and their mental age.
24:24 Marshall talks about time being the great equalizer.
26:23 Dwan talks about her life story and her mindset when she started getting into business.
28:09 Dwan asks Marshall about his success in comparison to the other nine kids in his family.
29:27 Marshall highlights that the majority of our personality is formed by the time we are seven years old.
30:50 Marshall shares a touching story of how the Lord provided for their family as a child and how he came to understand the power of prayer and the importance of earning money.
35:02 Marshall shares about his mom and how he provided for her financially for the last 20 years of her life.
38:02 Dwan talks about watching her kids step into the shoes of success.
39:47 Marshall talks about the flip side of the coin for “what is normal.”
41:07 Marshall highlights that the gift Dwan gave her kids was an enhanced reality.
47:23 Marshall takes a quick break for relief and Dwan shares how she has seen Marshall help people.
50:25 Dwan and Marshall share how they’ve learned to plan ahead over the years.
52:30 Marshall shares how he’s teaching his kids to think of others.
55:36 Dwan asks Marshall what it is about that the “one” has that the “ten” don’t have.
1:00:32 Marshall talks about marrying the wrong people.
1:00:54 Marshall shares his prayers as a husband, father and beyond.
1:03:30 Marshall shares where you can find him at sylver.com.
1:06:24 Dwan invites Marshall to share this week’s life equity.
1:07:00 Marshall issues his challenge to help you start your day on the right foot.
1:09:36 Marshall and Dwan practice his challenge.
1:11:16 Dwan summarizes today’s episode of Business by the Book.


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