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Why NOW is a great time to become a housing provider is exactly what Dwan shares in this episode. In fact, she explains how she can guide you and save you from the same mistakes that she has made over her thirty years of real estate investing experience. Next, she highlights the need for great housing providers in the middle of the pandemic and the best way she’s found for you to get started. Also, she encourages you to get involved in your local REA or landlord group where you will also learn about properties available to purchase. Furthermore, Dawn summarizes Section 8 and fills you in on the best way to qualify tenants and inspect properties to ensure your properties are well kept. Lastly, she issues this week’s equity of life challenge and kindly asks for you to share what you’ve learned in this episode with a five star review.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Jeffrey Whatley for tuning in on iTunes and leaving the following review:
Thank you Dwan for your dedication and generosity. Thank you for sharing important financial and ‘life’ information we all need today and always. Keep it up!

Time Stamps:

:58 Dwan welcomes you and introduces herself.
1:22 Dwan asks how many listeners would like to make more money.
2:30 Dwan shares when and where you can hear her segments throughout the week.
2:45 Dwan invites you to stick around for five free gifts at the end.
2:48 Dwan shares her motto: People before profits.
3:12 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan to a toast of her favorite Pinot Grigio, Santa Margarita.
4:07 Dwan does a COVID check in.
5:30 Dwan explains how she can guide you and save you from the same mistakes that she has made.
6:09 Dwan introduces today’s topic: why now is a great time to become a household provider (aka a landlord) right now in the middle of a pandemic.
7:18 Dwan introduces how you can get involved now and come out on top with Section 8 housing.
8:00 Dwan emphasizes that in the middle of the pandemic, the government has still been making its subsidy payments.
8:36 Dwan encourages you to find your local REA or landlord group and meet with them online, in person or wherever they’re meeting.
9:43 Dwan explains that you’ll find a lot of people that are selling their rentals because tenants have been allowed to live rent free.
10:38 Dwan encourages you to swipe up those rentals and turn around and rent them as Section 8.
11:50 Dwan explains how to contact the Section 8 people in your county.
14:40 Dwan explains how Section 8 vouchers work each year.
16:03 Dwan explains the exceptions that allow Section 8 tenants to move.
18:02 Dwan highlights that she chooses tenants wisely so that she doesn’t have people who move every single year with the goal of someone living there for many years.
19:38 Dwan shares what she has learned from speaking with Section 8 counselors.
23:20 Dwan explains how to keep your property from getting trashed.
24:11 Dwan shares a personal story about a Facebook group to which she belongs.
29:28 Dwan explains how to inspect properties if you don’t live in the area where your property is.
31:00 Dwan shares how her family in Tennessee lived very clean even though they were poor.
36:00 Dwan recaps her tips on why right now is a good time to become a Section 8 housing provider.
37:56 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge: Spiritual.
39:14 Dwan invites you to Dwanderful.com to get five free gifts.
39:20 Dwan asks that if you’ve learned anything and enjoyed the podcast, to please leave a five star review and comment.[/ultimate_heading][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Connect with Dwan:




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