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The Power of your words from Proverbs is the topic of this week’s Business by the Book. First, Dwan shares her favorite Bible that she uses. Next, she shares from Proverbs 18:21 and later Proverbs 12:6. Then, Dwan emphasizes the power that our words have to speak life or death over ourselves and others. Lastly, Dwan shares how you can have a relationship with Jesus if you don’t already. Thank you for listening, and remember that the truth is in the red letters!

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Richardson Johnson for listening on Apple Podcasts and leaving this five star review:
Excellent and Encouraging
I can’t get enough of Dwan Bent. She is so open and honest not to mention that her advice is easily understood. I have been a long time fan and wish her well.

Time Stamps:

:51 Dwan introduces herself and welcomes you to another segment of Business by the Book.
1:20 Dwan shares which Bible she uses, a Life Application Bible.
3:36 Dwan reads Proverbs 18:21.
3:57 Dwan shares today’s focus: the power of our words.
4:23 Dwan shares a health recap of the year and explains how that relates to her words.
5:24 Dwan emphasizes that there is power in your words.
6:07 Dwan highlights that your words have the power to give life and death.
10:00 Dwan reads Proverbs 12:6.
13:49 Dwan encourages you to measure your words before you speak them as not to give the enemy food for thought.
15:43 Dwan emphasizes that we need to use our words to edify and build up others as well as ourselves.
17:05 Dwan encourages you to speak good things over yourself.
18:47 Dwan thanks you for listening to Business by the Book and encourages you to make sure you have a Bible and read the red letters.
20:00 Dwan explains how to have a relationship with Jesus.


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