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Housing provider debacle is the result of people taking advantage of the eviction moratorium which Dwan shares all about in this episode. First, she explains that while tenants may not be getting evicted, property owners are still being required to make their payments. As a result, property owners with multiple tenants not making payments are having to sell their rental properties. In turn, the rental market is becoming more scarce and more expensive all at once. Therefore, Dawn speaks openly to landlords, specifically, in an effort to help them better position themselves. In fact, she highlights that it is OK to take a step back and reprioritize your investment.

In closing, Dwan asks that you comment and share how this episode may have provided even one smile. Also, she invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com so that you’re able to take advantage of her five free gifts. As always, she thanks you for listening!

Time Stamps:

1:51 Dwan asks for a show of hands for people that make less money than they think they should make.

2:06 Dwan shares how she can relate and invites you to stick around for five free gifts.

3:17 Dwan hosts “Drinks with Dwan” to check in and cheers to your week.

5:07 Dwan encourages you to tune in weekly, because not watching can cost you expensive mistakes.

6:51 Dwan shares when to check out her podcast episodes.

9:45 Dwan shares where you can tune into Dwanderful episodes at Youtube.com/Dwanderful or on her website at Dwanderful.com.

10:56 Dwan introduces today’s topic: Housing Provider Debacle.

12:31 Dwan discusses people not paying their rent due to the government moratorium on evictions and the effect it is starting to have in the rental market.

18:04 Dwan emphasizes that landlords are now selling their rental properties which will make it harder to find rentals and the prices will be very high.

28:20 Dwan highlights that the moratorium does not pertain to people who have a lot of commercial property and encourages landlords to work with tenants so you won’t have to sell your property.

36:47 Dwan explains how landlords can figure out if they have to sell one of the properties to pay off the rest so they can keep them.

35:39 Dwan highlights how to best position yourself for what is coming.

37:09 Dwan emphasizes that it’s ok to take a step back and communicate with your tenants.

38:00 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge.

40:51 Dwan asks  if today’s episode gave you even one smile, to please leave a comment.

41:45 Dwan invites you to opt in and Dwanderful.com to get your five free gifts.

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