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The Rona, 62, what’s next are the topics Dwan covers in this episode of Dwanderful. In fact, Dwan celebrates her 62nd birthday with a shot of Tequila after sharing her recent battle with COVID-19. Also, Dwan shares what to expect in future episodes. Furthermore, she asks for feedback on her podcasts as she shares what you can expect in future episodes. Lastly, she issues this week’s equity of life challenge and offers a very special gift in honor of her birthday.

In closing, Dwan asks that you comment and share how this episode may have provided even one smile. As always, thank you for listening!

Time Stamps:

1:51 Dwan asks for a show of hands for people that make less money than they think they’re worth.
2:24 Dwan introduces herself and shares her story.
3:01 Dwan hosts “Drinks with Dwan” with cheers to the week in celebration of her birthday.
5:00 Dwan shares an update on her podcast episodes.
8:23 Dwan shares a health update including having COVID.
18:51 Dwan shares her experience in the past with the flu.
23:18 Dwan shares the story of why she started her podcast.
27:51 Dwan asks for feedback on what you think of her episodes.
28:26 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge.
31:15 Dwan takes a shot of tequila to celebrate her 62nd birthday and shares her mindset of turning 62 including her hair color.
24:23 Dwan invites you to visit dwanderful.com/flip for a birthday special on her wholesale program.

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