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How to treat employees is Dwan’s focus in this episode of Business by the Book. Specifically, Dwan shares from Proverbs 25:13 and Ephesians 6:8. Also, she shares the background for each scripture passage and the context of how they specifically apply to employee and employer relationships. Furthermore, Dwan encourages each of us to work as unto God, and treat people as if God were standing right there. As both and employer and a boss, she challenges us that if we wouldn’t do it to or for God, not to do it to or for others.

Lastly, Dwan thanks you for listening. Please take the time to share Business by the Book with someone it could help. Thank you for tuning in, and please take time to give it five stars.

Time Stamps:

1:01 Dwan welcomes you to another Business by the Book.

1:29 Dwan shares the background for today’s topic. 

2:10 Dwan introduces today’s topic: employee/employer relationships. 

2:25 Dwan reads Proverbs 25:13.

5:05 Dwan emphasizes that this is a team industry and how important it is to be a good boss.  

9:45 Dwan shares Ephesians 6:8 and shares it’s background. 

13:30 Dwan explains what she means when she says that God is not a respecter of persons. 

15:45 Dwan encourages you to work for God, not for your boss and shares how employers should treat their employees. 

19:51 Dwan says if you wouldn’t do it to Jesus, don’t do it to others.

21:58 Dwan thanks you for listening and asks that you leave a five star review.

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