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What is a lien position? Dwan shares all about lien positions as well as first, second and third mortgages on today’s episode. First, she talks about the importance of handling debt and being a good steward. Secondly, she explains the importance of understanding lien positioning as an investor, because that is where the deal lies. Furthermore, she shares her personal testimony of her own relationship with debt and how she made deals by purchasing second mortgages. Interestingly, she also explains how banks sell mortgages in portfolios and the way things work “on the courthouse steps.”

Lastly, Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge to promote your physical health over the holidays. If you learned anything, she would love it if you would leave a review and five stars. Thank you for tuning in, and remember, the truth is in the red letters.

Time Stamps:
:60 Dwan asks for a show of hands who doesn’t think they are making the money they are worth.
1:15 Dwan shares her own personal story.
1:02 Dwan invites you to stick around to the end for free gifts.
1:51 Dwan introduces herself and shares the motto at Dwanderful.
2:08 Dwan checks in with Drinks with Dwan and a toast with her live enzymes.
3:58 Dwan shares her own update.
8:11 Dwan shares that listening will save you from mistakes and losing money.
11:27 Dwan introduces today’s topic: lien position.
13:03 Dwan explains the ownership vs. debt.
13:53 Dwan explains that liens go in order of the way that they are filed.
14:38 Dwan explains 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.
16:00 Dwan explains what happens when you’re in second and third position.
17:07 Dwan explains debt consolidation.
19:23 Dwan shares her own personal debt story.
29:21 Dwan explains about when God convicts you of something.
31:51 Dwan shares how the first mortgage, second mortgage and third mortgage work.
33:11 Dwan shares what happens to second and third mortgages during foreclosure.
37:51 Dwan explains how things work “on the courthouse steps.”
43:35 Dwan shares that banks sell mortgages in portfolios.
46:51 Dwan shares that it’s important to understand lien positioning because that is where the deal lies.


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