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Which liens are foreclosable is what Dwan shares in this episode of Dwanderful. In fact, Dwan shares seven liens including judgments, tax liens, list pendens, mechanics liens, HOA liens and code violations. Furthermore, she shares which of these liens are foreclosable and how each one works. Also, she shares personal stories of investing surrounding each of the different liens so that you can learn from her experience. In addition, she encourages you where to be cautious with your own investments. To understand further, you’re invited to take advantage of Dwan’s free lingo package at https://dwanderful.com/product/lingo/.
Lastly, Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge to promote your mental healthy over the holidays. She also invites you to visit dwanderful.com and opt in to receive five free gifts. If you learned anything, she would love it if you would leave a review and five stars. Thank you for tuning in, and remember, the truth is in the red letters.
Time Stamps:
:59 Dwan asks for a show of hands who doesn’t think they are making the money they are worth.
1:35 Dwan shares how she’s felt about her earnings through the decades of her career.
1:51 Dwan shares her story and invites you to stick around to the end for free gifts.
2:24 Dwan shares her motto and encourages you that this is your time and you are at the right place to get the competitive edge you’ve been missing.
3:10 Dwan checks in with Drinks with Dwan and shares a Christmas update from Colorado.
6:05 Dwan encourages you that not listening to Dwanderful will cause you to make mistakes and not make money.
6:16 Dwan shares the places you can find her and invites you to send her a message anytime.
6:37 Dwan introduces today’s topic: liens.
7:03 Dwan explains what liens are and how they work.
8:39 Dwan explains that there are different types of liens and not all are foreclosable.
8:02 Dwan shares about judgments.
21:39 Dwan talks about temptation.
8:51 Dwan talks about how a judgment could be foreclosable and what a certified judgment is.
12:28 Dwan explains the best steps for you to do concerning a judgment on a property.
14:57 Dwan explains tax liens and why they’re not foreclosable.
19:51 Dwan shares her personal experience with tax liens.
24:25 Dwan introduces the next type of lien, list pendens.


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