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“As a real estate investor, do I need an agent?” First, this is a commonly asked question. Secondly, Bill shares everything you need to know about when and why you need a real estate agent in this episode of Investing on the Go. Also, he shares about short sales, listing as for sale by owner, and his own personal story of working with wholesalers. Next, he shares his four steps to help you build a predictable and duplicatable business that will earn six figures in the next six months. Furthermore, Bill shares his top objection handlers and encourages you to build a relationship with realtors.

In closing, Bill asks that you leave a five star review and subscribe at dwanderful.com if these action packed fifteen minutes have been helpful to you. Thank you for tuning in to Investing on the Go, and remember: Champions never give up!

Time Stamps:
1:01 Bill explains what Investing on the Go is.
2:28 Bill draws this episode’s topic out of a hat: Do you need a real estate agent?
2:51 Bill shares why you would need a real estate agent.
3:12 Bill explains how the short sale works with the bank and your real estate agent.
5:34 Bill talks about For Sale by Owner.
6:11 Bill shares how he started as a real estate agent and began working with wholesalers.
6:31 Bill shares the four steps: prospect, qualify, follow up, negotiate and close.
9:51 Bill encourages you to work these steps so you can build a predictable and duplicatable business that will earn a six figure income in the next six months.
8:13 Bill shares some objection handlers.
8:21 Bill shares his perspective on agents that do open houses.
11:35 Bill shares the agent they always use and how they work together.
14:25 Bill encourages you to build a relationship with realtors.
15:07 Bill suggests that if you don’t know what you’re doing, call him and Dwan and they will see what you need.
16:08 Bill asks you to give five stars and to subscribe.


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