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Satan is alive and well as John 10:10 highlights. In fact, Dwan shares from John 10:7-20 in this episode. Also, she talks about the Lord being our shepherd and zeroes in on “the thief’s” symbolism in each of our lives. In conclusion, Dawn shares how you can have a relationship with Jesus so that you know without a doubt where you will spend eternity.

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Time Stamps:
0:54 Dwan welcomes you to Business by the Book.
1:55 Dwan recaps the five equities of life.
2:33 Dwan toasts to a cup of tea.
3:00 Dwan reviews the equities of life.
3:37 Dwan reads John 10:7-20.
4:08 Dwan highlights John 10:10.
6:08 Dwan talks about Jesus being our shepherd.
8:19 Dwan talks about “the thief” and asks what your thief is.
9:02 Dwan shares what Jesus says about life abundantly.
12:15 Dwan shares that God gives us free will and what that means.
13:25 Dwan talks about whether good deeds and being a good person are important.
14:51 Dwan shares the simplest way.
16:32 Dwan emphasizes that Satan is alive.
17:23 Dwan shares where she knows she will be spending eternity.
18:39 Dwan shares how to have a relationship with Jesus.

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