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Why you need to think like the bank is exactly what Dwan shares in this episode. In fact, she emphasizes that thinking in third person perspective will be helpful in all areas of life. Furthermore, she explains how the banks think and what it means in the aftermath of COVID19. Also, she highlights forbearance agreements, foreclosures and moratoriums. Lastly, she shares five free gifts with you and invites you to take advantage of her short sale program.

Thank you for tuning in! As always, remember the truth is in the red letters. You’re invited to tune in on Thursday for Business by the Book.

Time Stamps:
1:16 Dwan talks about her Halloween Costume.
1:30 Dwan asks for a show of hands for those who don’t make as much money as they think they are worth.
2:01 Dwan encourages you to take advantage of tax benefits.
3:04 Dwan asks you to stay to the end and she will share five free gifts for you.
3:12 Dwan shares her story.
3:36 Dwan encourages you that you either learn from mentors or mistakes.
4:01 Dwan toasts to her favorite Pinot Grigio, Santa Margarita.
6:01 Dwan follows up on last week’s equity of life.
6:52 Dwan talks about looking at things from the bank’s perspective.
7:51 Dwan shares about looking at things through third person perspective.
14:51 Dwan encourages you that if you look at things from other people’s perspective without personal feelings or emotions, you will be more successful.
16:51 Dwan highlights that it’s the 4th quarter and banks are cleaning up their books.
18:33 Dwan recaps what foreclosures cost the banks.
19:30 Dwan discusses LLR (Loan Loss Reserve).
20:21 Dwan explains forbearance agreements.
22:07 Dwan invites you to go back to older podcasts, and listen to the one on forbearance agreement.
25:06 Dwan shares what banks aren’t telling homeowners.
25:11 Dwan challenges you to google how often your state holds foreclosure sales.
29:21 Dwan thanks you for helping reach almost 100K Followers.
30:38 Dwan highlights that just because foreclosure sales have been in moratorium, people aren’t fine. The inevitable is simply being put off until the first of the year.
31:05 Dwan encourages you that it is your job to help people know the train wreck is coming.
32:38 Dwan invites you to dwanderful.com to get your five free gifts.
33:30 Dwan also invites you to visit dwanderful.com/shortsales.
34:51 Dwan issues the equity of life for this week: financial.
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