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Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is the focus of this Business by the Book’s episode. Dwan provides background on the book of Ecclesiastes and Solomon as well. Also, she shares about the seasons of life including encouragement to prepare for your next season. In closing, Dwan invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com to receive five free gifts.

Thank you for tuning in. As always, remember the truth is in the red letters. Also, please take a moment to share Business by the Book with your friends, family or colleagues.

Time Stamps:
:56 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever, introduces herself and her motto.
1:23 Dwan shares about Business by the Book.
2:05 Dwan shares what “God put it on my heart” means for Christians.
8:51 Dwan introduces Ecclesiastes and Solomon.
9:51 Dwan reads from her Life Application Bible.
14:51 Dwan talks about seasons.
18:51 Dwan encourages you than when you are in a good season, to prepare for a season when things may not be good.
21:12 Dwan invites you to opt in at dwanderful.com to receive five free gifts.

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