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An introduction to Business by the Book is Dwan’s focus in this episode. In fact, Dwan shares all about her new series which will be available on Thursdays for 15 minutes. Actually, it will be a Bible Study on finances using the Bible as a moral compass of conducting business in today’s modern world. Next, Dwan shares about the Bible she uses and shares some of her own personal convictions.

Thank you for tuning in. As always, the truth is in the red letters. Also, invite some friends to join along each Thursday for Business by the Book.

Time Stamps:
:57 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever and introduces herself.
1:33 Dwan shares something new she’s going to be doing, a Business by the Book segment.
2:16 Dwan shares this segment will be 15 minutes on Thursdays and a study of finances in the Bible.
6:26 Dwan talks about using the Bible as a moral compass.
7:11 Dwan shares about the Bible she uses.
7:37 Dwan explains what “the truth is in the red letters” means.
10:51 Dwan encourages that God never forgets us.
15:20 Dwan shares what it means to have a persona relationship with Jesus.
15:34 Dwan explains who she believes Jesus is.
16:07 Dwan explains what it means to be a Christian.
19:51 Dwan talks about convictions.
25:51 Dwan invites you to join her for Business by the Book.
29:51 Dwan encourages you to invite friends to listen to Business by the Book.
30:27 Dwan leaves you with John 3:16.

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