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Do you really understand what no equity means? In this episode, Dwan explains everything you need to know about no equity. Next, she explains how to handle no equity with distressed homeowners. Most importantly, she shares next steps that will benefit a homeowner in distress.

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Time Stamps:
:57 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever and introduces herself.
1:11 Dwan asks for a show of hands from those who feel like they don’t make as much money as they feel like they’re worth.
2:14 Dwan shares her back story.
2:05 Dwan cheers to a cup of cinnamon tea.
3:06 Dwan shares an update on Florida.
7:07 Dwan offers encouragement that we just have to keep going.
7:22 Dwan underscores that our brain believes what we tell it.
9:38 Dwan talks about houses that don’t have any equity.
15:22 Dwan talks about next steps working with a trustworthy real estate agent.
16:42 Dwan talks about step #8 of the FedUp package.
18:38 Dwan talks about equity partnering.
20:15 Dwan encourages you that sometimes you need to sit down with the homeowner and explain what equity is.
22:51 Dwan encourages you to always do the best thing for the homeowner first, and the money will come later.
23:20 Dwan shares what questions to ask homeowners to get a read on why the thing their home is worth a certain amount.
26:28 Dwan talks about wholesaling.
29:09 Dwan encourages you to think about equity in a different way.
29.51 Dwan invites you to visit dwanderful.com/noequity.
31:00 Dwan talks about the equity of life and issues this week’s challenge.
38:34 Dwan asks for you to give a 5 star review and write something really nice to help her work towards being #1. Also, be sure to opt in at dwanderful.com for 20 free lessons.


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