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How to phone prospect is an essential tool when investing. In this episode, Bill shares everything you need to know about phone prospecting. Also, he shares personal stories and provides a great resource as you begin to phone prospect yourself. Furthermore, he’ll share how to include the buyer in your prospecting. 

Lastly, Bill invites you to subscribe to Investing on the Go, share it and give five stars. Remember, champions never give up.


Time Stamps:

1:05 Bill welcomes you to 15 minutes of Investing on the Go. 

1:13 Bill introduces today’s topic: phone prospecting.

3:13 Bill shares his background of phone prospecting.

7:23 Bill suggests Fiverr.com as a resource for skip tracing.

7:29 Bill walks through what to do when you call people on the foreclosure list.

8:51 Bill explains how he then involves the buyer.

11:51 Bill encourages you that once you’re good at face to face, you’re great on the telephone. 

12:17  Bill encourages you to stand up when you’re prospecting on the telephone.

13:38 Bill shares that in communication skills, 7% is just words and 55% is body language and how that translates to being on the telephone. 

15:51 Bill shares a personal story from when he and Dwan were first married. 

18:30 Bill explains how to handle the prospects as an out of state buyer. 

18:51 BIll shares if you prospect enough, you give yourself choices. 

19:30 Bill asks you to subscribe and give five stars.

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