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In this episode, Bill shares how to handle a fearful homeowner. He shares everything you need to know about the modes homeowners go through and how you can be the calming force that makes them feel comfortable. Also, he goes through important conversational scripts and touches on language based training that he offers. Actually, Bill encourages you that such language tools are the difference in making $50K and $500K a year.
Lastly, Bill invites you to subscribe to both Dwanderful and Investor’s Edge University. Also, remember that champions never give up. In fact, they get up and keep moving. Happy Investing on the Go!

Time Stamps:
:56 Bill welcomes you to Investing on the Go.
1:23 Bill introduces today’s topic: the fearful homeowner.
1:28 Bill talks about the modes that different homeowners go through.
1:51 Bill invites you to subscribe at Dwanderful.com, Investor’s Edge University and review with five stars.
2:51 Bill talks about testing situations and encourages you to move forward.
3:51 Bill talks about emotional ties that cause homeowners to be in the fear mode.
4:51 Bill exhorts you to be the calming person in every single situation.
5:33 Bill goes over an important script to use at the door.
7:51 Bill encourages you to be conversational instead of confrontational so the homeowner will feel comfortable.
8:51 Bill shares about level shifting.
11:56 Bill encourages you to put yourself in their world.
12:56 Bill encourages you to take them from fear mode to acceptance mode through conversation.
13:27 Bill shares about the application based language training that he offers.
14:21 Bill shares that learning these language patterns is the difference in making 50,000.00 per year and 500,00.00 per year.
15:35 Bill tells you how to get the FedUp package at Dwanderful.com/fedup
15:51 Bill says to remember that champions never give up- they get up and keep moving!

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