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The Foreclosure Market is everywhere! 10 WAYS TO FIND SELLERS – Written By…My Peeps!

I wanted to share what some of you wrote. I asked for 10 ways to find buyers/sellers and you came up with some good answers.

BTW – I did not clean these up. This is how it copies from Skype…

So here they are…

Donna B: FSBO, Craigs List, Section 8 listings, attend local real estate investor groups (I thought I knew them all but, realized I originally listed how to find sellers, ha). I’ve fallen 7 short. oh, and place ad in paper
[6:07:21 PM] Dwan Bent-Twyford: contact people in public records – foreclosures, divorce, probate, bankruptcy – door knocking them will yield the best results.

Grant L.: REI Meetings, MLS ?? Past cash purchases ??? Handyman Special ad

John B 1. Realtors 2. newspaper ad 3. Craigslist 4. Facebook 5. Yard sign 6.directional sign 7. website 8. flyer to local businesses 9. mail to neighbors 10. email to buyers list

[6:09:33 PM] Dwan Bent-Twyford: also – go to the housing authority and ask for a list of people who are section 8 landlords. call each landlord and see who wants to buy more properties. u will usually pick up 25 to 50 NEW buyers. these people already own at least one rental and usually want more.

Nadine S: craig list, postlet, Bandit signs: We buy and sell houses

Stan R: 1 bandit signs 2 referrals from title company 3 calls on fsbo signs 4 recorder web site 5 ads on craigslist 6 realtor referrals 7 newsletter ads 8 family referrals 9 hire a call center 10 direct mail postcards 11 direct mail letters

Tammy and Mike –
1) Bandit signs – placed in the yards of our rental properties
2) Craigs list
3) I stopped by the local section 8 office and wrote down participating landlord contact info
4) Placed an ad in the local paper
5) “ “ in the electric company newsletter
6) “ “ in the regional Thrifty Nickel circular
7) Emailed the members of our city’s landlord club
8) Posted an ad in our REIA group website
9) Posted ad on our Millionaire Mindset website
10) Contacted local realtors who deal with investors
Thanks! Bandit signs ordered, financing in place, “We buy Houses” signage on back window of car, (business card size) magnets also stuck all over the car. Trying to network to meet other investors.

Felipe – church bulletins, local newspapers, foreclosure listing in local areas, divorce court, door hangers, farming areas, drive buys, REO Realtors, county court, bird dogs, bandits signs, jackets, caps and give away pens leave your card everywhere you go, bathrooms, telephones, checks after the meals, talk to everyone, postmen in the area you are looking at. Bankruptcy court fillings, delivery guys. local clean up service. they are hired to empty out foreclosed homes.
Felipe B: Closed two deals this month. net about 35k
1. Realtor, 2. bandit signs, 4 section 8, 4. current for rent properties, 4 news paper. 5. real estate clubs, 6. past clients, 7 Flyers, 8. FSBO sings in yard, 9. open house, 10, current Database…post cards

Michael H: magnetic card signs, bandit signs, newspaper ads, business cards, rei meetings, housing authority, flyers
1. try to find cash buyers in the mls (please explain the best way to obtain access to the mls listings) 2. call landlord adds out of the paper. 3. call all the bandit signs, i buy houses cash you see. 4. call all fsbo and lease option signs you see. 5. run adds in newspaper. 6. bandit signs. 7. online forums and social pages. 8. craigslist adds.9. go to reia meetings. 10. go to the housing dept and try to get a list of sec 8 landlords.