Fed Up with Foreclosures

Welcome Aboard! We are so thrilled that you have made the wise investment into our Fed-Up with Foreclosures system. We use it daily and so do our successful students.

You will especially enjoy the 78% call-back ratio with the “Sorry I Missed You” handout.

We wish you nothing but success and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

With this program, you will be receiving the Fed Up Package, Shut up and Stick to the Script, and Sorry I Missed You.

This package has everything you need to kick start your year and close a deal by the end of JANUARY.

Imagine pocketing deal money by the end of the first month! What a great way to bring in 2020 for you!

The Fed Up Package has all of the options and paperwork you need to give to the homeowners to help them out of their situation and get both of you money ASAP!

With the scripts you will have everything you need to say to the homeowners with tips on how to say it!

And the Sorry I Missed You will include everything you need for when the homeowners aren’t actually home but you still want to work with them on getting them out of their situation.

We are here to help you maximize all of your options and the reason this deal is so special is because the new year is coming up and we want you to get ahead of your competition!

So, now is your time to push and start next year with a bang! You will have money overflowing out of your pockets!

Come the end of January, you won’t even realize you’ve spent holiday money this December, because you’ll be able to make it back and then some.

Plus, you have Dwan to literally Skype coach you through your deals for 90 DAYS! This is true real estate hand holding and we refuse to let you fail.

This package sells for $997.00 all year long but for this weekend ONLY it can be yours for $397.00. Think about what a great deal you’re getting here! An endless amount of knowledge that you can take it with you for the rest of your career for ONLY $397.00.


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