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Scheduling and Goals Training ($299 Value)

Discover how to set achievable goals and then putting a schedule in place to make those goals come to fruition.

Prospecting Training ($299 Value)

Prospecting solves all of your business problems, it gives you choice, choice to who you want to work with verses you have to work with because you don’t prospect.

Tracking Paperwork for Accountability ($299 Value)

This is all of the tracking paperwork you need. Tracking 90-day cycles will give you the ratios of what is working and what is not. On this call, I will show you the importance of 90-day cycles.

Learn Your Numbers Part 1 & 2 (Efficiency Rating) ($399 Value)

Learning your Ratios…do you know yours? When you learn what you need to do every day, it makes it easier to achieve your goals. How many contracts do you need to sign to get a closing? How many people do you need to talk to before you get a lead? Good questions…that is why you need this call.

House Classifications ($299 Value)

You will learn how to classify a house. What type of houses bring in the most amount of money? The classifications go from Class 1-5. On this training we go in detail on how to know what type of house you will want to focus on based on your skills.

Neighborhood Classifications ($299 Value)

After these three trainings, you will know what type of houses, what type of neighborhoods, in what areas that will profit you the most.

 Area Classifications ($299 Value)

You will learn how to classify an area. What type of area will bring you in the most amount of money? The classifications go from Class 1-5. In this training we go into detail on how to know what type of areas you want to focus on based on your skills.

Market Indexing Classifications ($299 Value)

Where do your buyers want to buy? Do you know? What areas do you know? You may say, “I don’t know where my buyers want to buy.” ”I don’t have any buyers yet.” We always say you want to buy in the area that your buyers want to buy in? These questions are typical questions I ask all new students. You need to know the right area to buy in for the people you are flipping houses to.

Millionaire Marketing Part 1 -(Distressed Homeowners) ($399 Value)

What type of business are you going to market to? Let’s look at some of these in the pre-foreclosure business.
Late Leads – they are people that are not in the foreclosure process yet. They are getting ready to go in the foreclosure process because they are behind on their mortgage. Are you going to chase Probate, Foreclosures, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Tax Liens etc. How are you going to market them? What is going to bring you the biggest bang for the buck with marketing? Don’t miss this training.

Millionaire Marketing Part 2 – (Bandit Signs, Placement) ($399 Value)

This training covers all aspects of bandit signs. You will learn the difference between Active Marketing vs Passive Marketing. We will be training you on the different types of inbound calls. Knowing what to say is critical to your success.

 Door Knocking, Prequalify 1 & 2 ($799 Value)

The fastest way to learn what to say is to get out in front of your customers. At that point, you realize there is so much to learn in communicating. This two-part program is going to teach you not only how to talk, what to say, but also how to approach your customer face-to-face.

 Entrance to Scripts ($299 Value)

You may know all of the strategies there are…however, if you don’t know how to communicate you are done. All businesses are built around relationships and relationships are built through communication. Learn how to communicate and you will learn how to close deals.

 Inbound Calls (The Missing Link to Marketing ($299 Value)

Investors love to mail yellow letters, lumpy mail, postcards, do social media, run ads, put out bandit signs, however, they very rarely know what to say when a customer calls them. This training is going to show you why 99% of investors fail when marketing.

Distressed Homeowners/Emotional Modes ($299 Value)

Learning and understanding the emotional mindset of your customer. What scripts and objection handlers are we using to parallel their emotion? You will find this call to be so beneficial to your real estate investing business.

Establishing Buyer Leads ($499 Value)

Learning how to build a “Gold” buyers list is critical to a successful investing business. On this call, we are going to show you that working with less will net you more cash and less headaches than working with more.

Wholesaling and the Assignment of Contract ($599 Value)
Wholesaling is flipping a contract to another buyer. On this training, you will find out the ways to find these deals, structure the wholesale deal and how to fill out the assignment of contract.

 Loan Modifications ($499 Value)

This call will teach you the difference in all of the types of modifications. Nine out of 10 homeowners don’t want to sell their houses. They want to work a modification. This is all about Option One and Two of the FED-UP Program. Learning how to establish value with your homeowner is critical at this point of your conversation. This call will change how you explain the option of modification with your homeowner.

Subject-To Options, Seller Financing, Dodd-Frank ($699 Value)
What is taking a property Subject-To mean? Are they legal? This is all about Option Four of the FED-UP Program. On this training, you will learn how to present this option to your homeowner. After understanding this option, it will make the option so easy to explain. Just by learning the seller financing and creating notes, this alone will propel your business.

 Short Sales 1 ($399 Value)

A short sale is getting the bank to accept less than what is owed as payment in full. When a house is upside down, meaning the homeowner owes more than the property is worth, a short sale is the only option. This call covers everything you need for your first offer.

Short Sales 2 ($399 Value)

This training is Part Two of a Two-Part Series in Short Sales. This training is all about offer two and three. Learn what you need to keep negotiating with the bank on these offers.

Homeowners Options Bankruptcy, Deed-in-Lieu ($299 Value)

This training is about option six, seven, eight, nine, ten of the FED-UP Program. Theses options are Bankruptcy, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure, Selling with a Realtor, Refinance, Do nothing and lose the house.

Modification Conversation ($399 Value)

This is the conversation you will have with the homeowner who is wanting to stay in their home and looking to do a modification. This is the conversation with Option One of the Fed-Up Program. When you have this conversation, with the homeowner you will immediately have credibility.

The Ultimate Fed-Up Training Program
($997 Value)

This program gives you the three links that cover all three options in detail. These links will cover Options One-Ten in order. These trainings are a MUST!
The FED-UP Program will change your business in many ways. 1. Homeowners like FREE stuff. 2. It’s 31 pages and information packed with options. 3. You know become the expert in your field. 4. Homeowners will WANT to talk to you.

No Equity Equals Big Profit 1
($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In part one of a three-part training you will learn how to structure the deal. You will also learn how to qualify the homeowner to see if they are a good fit for this type of exit strategy. On this training, you will learn about the three profit centers and how to load one heavier than the others for today cash. We will also go through ways of finding deals through active marketing and mailing as well as structuring scenarios.

No Equity Equals Big Profit 2
($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In this part two of a three-part training, you will learn how to write the contract. You will learn why you have the homeowner write a hardship letter. You will also learn the
Authorization to Release Information document. Why you need a (POA) Power of Attorney from the homeowner and who will be the Power of Attorney?

 No Equity Equals Big Profit 3
($665 Value)

This is the total program that covers Subject-To deal structuring with no equity deals. In this part three of a three-part training, you will learn how to create seller finance or a wrap-around mortgage. You will learn how to create a promissory note. What is a Deed-in-Lieu and why do you need it in this type of exit strategy? We will also
cover all of the steps in review to get a deal like this closed.

Homeowners Agreement ($699 Value)

This training is all about “The Homeowners Agreement.” When dealing with homeowners you have a sales contract. What do you have in writing from them that covers the process of the transaction? The stuff you talk about leading up to the contract getting signed. What about the disclosures, where do they come in? What disclosure are they? You better know this type of training, if not you may end up in a law suit.

Land Trust and the Deed ($1299 Value)

Taking yourself out of the liability of owning real estate when owning the real estate. Using a land trust, which in almost all states never gets recorded, is the best way to hold property. Why not use an LLC? Well, you need to be on this training to see why your LLC can be the beneficiary of the land trust. In this world today we are in a sue-happy society. The more you look like you own, the bigger your target gets on your back. This training will change all of that forever.




  • BONUS #1 – THE FED UP PROGRAM – $997 Value: It is the homeowners’ 10 options to help them solve their problems with the house situation. It comes in an unlocked Word document that you can swap in your information, print, and start using for yourself.
  • BONUS #2 THE FED UP TRAINING VIDEOS – $697 Value: These 3 bonus training videos are Bill explaining in detail each option of the FED UP program to you and to the homeowner for you. We call it THE ORDER OF OPERATION!
  • BONUS #3 -THE HOMEOWNERS AGREEMENT – $997 Value: This agreement is all of your disclosures when dealing with a homeowner. It will give you total control of the deal. It lays out all that is needed by both you and the homeowner so there is no misunderstanding.
  • BONUS #4 -THE SCRIPTS FOR PROSPECTING – $997 Value: This is a downloadable word document unique to you. It is an unlocked file so you can break down each page and get them laminated.
  • BONUS #5 – THE ULTIMATE LAND TRUST – $997 Value: This document is how you will transfer title to the properties




JUST FOR YOU = $1497


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Hours Minutes Seconds



The Twyfords have personally bought and sold over 2,000 properties, invested millions of dollars in commercial property, coached 1,000’s of students through successful real estate deals, and have been making millionaires all over North America for OVER twenty years.

They come from a place of ethics, hold themselves to the highest standards, and they make millionaires!

They are the real deal! In fact, their business motto is – People Before Profits!

They have written FOUR BEST SELLERS! Most recently, Bill co-wrote a book with Dan Kennedy and Dwan co-wrote a book with Steve Forbes. Why did these two mega-stars choose Bill and Dwan to co-write a book with – BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST IN THEIR FIELD!


John Geisler became a millionaire buying rentals!

Gary Prescott made $1.4 MILLION dollars his first year!