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What to say to embarrassed homeowners is an important skill to master when working with homeowners in distress. In this episode, Bill shares all the modes that distressed homeowners typically go through and gives examples of how to handle each one. Also, he tells you what to look for and where to go from there. With the help of his great communication tips, your business is sure to grow.

Bill invites you to take advantage of the Fed Up package at dwanderful.com/fedup. Also, he requests a five star review. Happy driving for dollars! Remember: champions never give up.

Time Stamps:
:58 Bill welcomes weekend warriors to Investing on the Go
1:30 Bill introduces today’s topic: How to talk to homeowners that are embarrassed.
2:26 Bill explains the modes and the importance of telling which mode the homeowner may be in.
2:51 Bill shares that in communication, words are 7%, body language is 55%, tonality is 38%.
4:51 Bill gives an example of the conversation and script.
8:15 Bill shares how to establish value.
10:14 Bill shares that your role is to calm down the homeowner.
10:07 Bill reviews the script again.
11:20 Bill encourages you to take care of Dwan’s Fed Up program and dwanderful.com/fedup.
14:51 Bill talks about the importance of working with customers face to face.
15:51 Bill encourages you that once you learn how to talk to people, your business will grow.
16:16 Bill asks you to give the episode 5 stars.


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