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Using NLP properly is the name of the game when meeting homeowners in distress. In this episode, Dwan explains everything you need to know about Advanced Language Pattern, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In fact, she shares valuable tips from her program, Fortune Closures in Your Own Backyard on using NLP properly. Also, she gives examples of actual conversations putting into action repeat, approve and respond. Furthermore, Dwan issues a financial equity of life challenge and predicts an interesting July. In the meantime, she encourages you to brush up on the podcast exclusive Short Sale Offer.

Lastly, Dwan encourages you to take advantage of Saturday’s with Bill in Investing on the Go. She also invites you to subscribe to her podcast, give a five star review and share with your network. Happy end of June, and remember, the truth is in the red letters!

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