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The short sale wave is coming, and Dwan highlights everything you need to know about it. Furthermore, she shares what is currently going on with banks, mortgages and property values. In addition, Dwan breaks down how loan modifications will work in light of decreasing property values. The good news is her hedge fund is loaning money again for rehabbers. Also, she has a free real estate investing kit for you!

Tune in to be encouraged that we’re still in this together and to hear your challenge for the week. As always, Dwan emphasizes the importance of the five equities of life, and wants to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Dwan asks you to subscribe on her website and get your free real estate investing kit. She also invites you to subscribe to her podcast, leave a five star review and please share on social media.  Thank you for listening. Remember, the truth is in the red letters!


Time Stamps:

1:14 Dwan greets you with a familiar site.

4:03 Dwan encourages you to just wear a mask.

6:10  Dwan cheers to cranberry juice.

7:04 Dwan shares a recent Wal-Mart experience.

11:02 Dwan addresses fear and puts herself in other people’s shoes.

15:51 Dwan shares the current state with mortgages and banks.

21:30 Dwan shares the likely drop of property values by 20%.

23:39 Dwan highlights how loan modifications work in light of property values.

27:36  Dwan predicts a short sale wave coming and shares that her hedge fund is lending money again at https://bestmoneyperiod.com/ for rehabbers.

30:51 Dwan touches on principal reduction mortgages.

31:19 Dwan talks about the 5 equities of life.

32:16 Dwan issues the challenge for the week.

35:21 Dwan encourages you that we’re still all in this together.

35:51 Dwan asks you to subscribe to her podcast, write a 5 star comment and share on your social media.

37:07 Dwan asks you to go to Dwanderful.com, opt in and get your free real estate investing kit.


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