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In this episode of Investing on the Go, Bill addresses the topic of how to work with angry homeowners. He gives examples of conversations you may have with angry homeowners and the script to address each dynamic. In summary, his three step advice to handling such conversations is to memorize, internalize and rehearse the script so you are able to think quickly and also flow naturally. All scripts are available with the Fed Up package at https://dwanderful.com/product/fed-up/.

As always, Dwan and Bill ask you to give this segment five stars and share with your network on social media in order to spread the word! Happy May and happy investing on the go!

Time Stamps:

  • 1:05 Bill welcomes you to 15 minutes of Investing on the Go.
  • 1:28 Bill kicks off today’s topic – dealing with homeowners in angry mode.
  • 2:30 Bill encourages you to memorize and recite the script so it becomes natural.
  • 3:27 Bill shares the long version if you have the FedUp package.
  • 4:23 Bill gives examples of conversation for people in anger or fear mode.
  • 11:51 Bill encourages you that angry people are only happy around other angry people and your job is to deescalate them rather than escalate them.
  • 12:16  Bill uses an analogy to a trailer.
  • 16:18 Bill encourages that the only way to be quick is to memorize, internalize and rehearse your script.

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