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In this episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires “, Dwan is talking with Texas native, Jake Jordan. Jake specializes in empowering leaders, especially those with a Christian background. He also specializes in overages. Jake explains that overages are what you get When a foreclosed house sells for more than what was owed. The “overage” is that difference amount. He then contacts the homeowner that was foreclosed on and helps them get what is owed. You can contact Jake primarily on Linkedin. You can also learn more about him by visiting www.impactoverattention.com. 

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  • :50 Welcome to inside the mind of today’s Millionaires
  • 1:44 Today we are talking to Jake Jordan
  • 2:13 Drinks with Dwan and Jake
  • 2:50 Who is Jake Jordan and what is his deal?
  • 3:14 Business coach for Christian leaders. He works in 3 businesses!
  • 4:09 Linkedin is where he spends most of his time and you can reach him there
  • 4:36 www.impactoverattention.com
  • 6:40 Dwan’s living room is a flex!
  • 9:02 Christian CEO’s, because we like working with people who are like us
  • 9:18 Values can drive a business, it doesn’t need to take a backseat
  • 10:30 Stop looking for shiny objects!
  • 11:15 The straightest line to the next thing
  • 12:25 The mind is the ultimate variable, no matter what business you’re in
  • 14:14 Take the negative and replace it with a positive, not a quick fix!
  • 16:15 Money is options. It isn’t good or bad
  • 17:45 Jake gives one actionable tip to start changing
  • 18:50 The queen of “Short sales”!
  • 19:55 Jack of all trades, master of none. You can’t learn by doing everything
  • 21:50 Making a “Hallmark” town
  • 23:00 Here’s how we ended up buying a town…played nice for two years
  • 23:23 Let’s talk overages!
  • 25:00 Overages happen when…
  • 27:00 They will hunt you down when you owe them Money, but barely try in the opposite
  • 28:50 Is weed legal in Texas?
  • 30:33 A lot of different ways to find people, but guess what is still the best?
  • 32:13 15 Billion available in uncollected funds in Texas, that’s before the surge right now
  • 36:30 Stand your ground
  • 37:20 Set a value for your time
  • 39:40 Cherry picking because I’m not new to real estate. 
  • 40:30 It’s a win for the homeowner
  • 42:29 Jakes favorite food, band, and happy place
  • 45:49 We are the neighbors you don’t want to live by
  • 48:27 Speak it into existence
  • 49:36 Jake issues this weeks life equity challenge – Spiritual
  • 51:10 Leave Dwan and Jake some “5-Star” reviews!
  • 52:17 Jake leaves a parting WORD of wisdom
  • 53:32 The truth is in the red letters

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