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 This week on “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires ”, Dwan is talking with Ted Fells and Eric Twiggs, the hosts of the “30 minute Hour Podcast”. Ted is a “Super CEO” and Eric is the author of “The Discipline of Now”, a book of how to overcome Procrastination.  The pair met at church and over coffee in 2019, made the decision to enter the world of podcasting. Now? They are 120 episodes in and have started a new movement on Facebood called “The ‘What Now’? Movement.” You can listen to their podcast on apple and spotify. To get Eric’s book, you can visit www.thedisciplineofnow.com .

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  • :50 Welcome to ” Inside the minds of Today’s Millionaires ” 
  • 1:20 Introduction to Ted Fells and Eric Twiggs
  • 3:02- Who are Eric and Ted now? www.thedisciplineofnow.com and the 30 minute hour podcast
  • 5:58 Get in the habit of making an appointment with yourself
  • 7:44 Treat yourself like you would someone else, you wouldn’t miss it or be late!
  • 9:5O Teds procrastination!
  • 10:58 Eric as a teen – Sports… military school! Discipline. 
  • 14:18 sometimes a wakeup call is the thing that will save your life
  • 14:56 Ted as a teen – baseball, kids stuff. 
  • 10:53 How did Eric and Ted meet? Church!
  • 18:56 120 Episodes later!
  • 23:00 People were flocking
  • 24:58 No one warned me about the altitude!
  • 26:11 When they aren’t podcasting, what are Ted and Eric up to?
  • 27:08 Learned to appreciate balance
  • 31:37 God will always put the right people in your path
  • 32:35 But really, what is work?
  • 34:04 I will leave a limb before I leave my phone… We are addicted!
  • 35:32 Favorite food salmon vs. PIZZA…and wings…stuff with sauce
  • 39:51 I’m gonna make all the salmon!
  • 43:10 Eric issues over mental life equity challenge. Track the wins
  • 46:08 People get too focused on the negative things
  • 47:43 Eric and Ted’s new venture ! The “What Now?” movement on Facebook
  • 50:07 Parting words as wisdom 
  • 52:00 Don’t let perfect become the enemy of progress
  • 53:33 leave us a review here and go listen to “The 30minute hour” podcast to support Eric and Ted
  • 54:11 The truth is in the red letters

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