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Today on “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever” Dwan is continuing her series on equity partnering. After many emails telling her that they still don’t understand how to split the profit, Dwan decided to sit down and really break down the figures for you using an example sale. Imagine that the homeowner has a house valued at $300,000 and they owe $175,000. You come in and charge them a “risk assessment fee” of 10% of what the house sells for. That comes out to be $30,000 right off the top of the sale. Then say that they had back payments of $15,000 and that the home needed $30,000 in rehabs. This would leave a profit of $50,000. That split right down the middle is $25,000 each. That’s a pretty good deal for a homeowner looking to get out of their house!

Many homeowners will want to see the math. Take them aside with a pad of paper and show them exactly how that math looks! Dwan has done hundreds of these deals and she has never had a homeowner left feeling emptyhanded. Go on over to Dwanderful.com and opt in to receive you 4 free e-Books and don’t forget to leave your “5-Star” review!


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