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In this week’s “Inside the minds of Today’ Millionaires” we are talking Rob Wells. Rob is a 33 year old superhero (also known as a transformational speaker). He works with people on motivation and inspirations, but makes sure to take them all the way through to the final step. The transformation. It is the transformation that takes them to their full potential and makes them the person they want to be. Rob had a rough upbringing. He dropped out of school in 8th grade. He experienced sexual assault young and that caused him to seek solace in food. That, in turn, led to him being overweight. Once he was ablet o pluck the trauma out of his life, he was able to reach his full potential. He takes what he has learned and puts his time and energy in helping others to make changes in their lives and to help them become what they were truly meant to be. Learn more about Rob by listening to his podcast “Your Purposeful Purpose”, by following him on social media, and by visiting his website, https://www.purposefulpurpose.com.

  • :55 Welcome – What we do on “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”
  • 1:40 Intro to Rob Wells – Your Purposeful Purpose
  • 2:18 Drinks with Dwan – Tea time and take a deep breath
  • 3:36 Come with an open mind
  • 6:00 Rob talks about where he is at today as a transformational speaker, podcaster, author, husband, and most recently, father.
  • 7:28 Motivation is a STARTING point, inspiration is needed, but transformation is where the magic happens
  • 8:47 What is transformation?
  • 9:36 It takes time, like writing a book
  • 12:06 Trainwreck!
  • 13:04 Where does a person start for a transformation?
  • 13:30 Roadblocks will come up, and some people stop there
  • 15:11 Trauma needs to be plucked from the root!
  • 17:04 Excuses
  • 17:50 How do you figure out the things what are really stopping you?
  • 18:30 Identify and spend the time
  • 21:14 Three things
  • 22:25 I could do that!…..BUT…baggage
  • 24:35 Rob Wells in his teenage years
  • 26:00 Success leaves a trail
  • 27:11 How did Rob’s education end at 5th grade?
  • 28:05 What mode are you in? Survival mode? Success mode?
  • 29:35 13 years to learn how to trust
  • 30:14 Money doesn’t make problems go away, it can actually amplify them!
  • 31:00 Dwan – the man-hater…reformed
  • 32:56 What are the first steps to heal past trauma
  • 35:11 understand transformation and success
  • 36:37 Make a phone call or write a letter, take the label off you and give it back to them
  • 45:15 Society puts us in boxes
  • 46:24 …I’m going to do this anyways
  • 48:48 Immediately went negative
  • 56:12 All in or all out, addictive personalities
  • 1:00:28 Music junkie
  • 1:05:30 Rob issues this weeks life equity challenge
  • 1:09:08 How to contact Rob
  • 1:13:16 Remember, the truth is in the red letters!

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