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In this weeks episode of “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”, Dwan talks a bit about the current rehab project she and Bill are working on. They purchases 17 (which actually ended up being 22!) acres of land in Bailey Colorado. It had a couple of buildings on it. They purchased it for $125,000 and then let it sit for a little while. Now? They have rehabbed the buildings and are breaking up the land. Listen in to see how much profit they will be taking away! Dwan also give some tips of things to make sure of before your closing date. Finally, she asks that you go opt in at Dwanderful.com to get your 4 free ebooks. OH! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a “5-star” review so she can feature it on a future podcast!

  • 1:00 Intro to The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever
  • 1:40 Go listen to episode 190 if you missed it. That one will change your investing game!
  • 1:53 This weeks “5-Star Review” from Juliet Poppe
  • 2:35 You could be next!
  • 3:00 Drinks with Dwan – WATER!
  • 3:30 Rehabbing 17 (ish) acres and a whole town in Iowa
  • 4:30 Breaking up 17 acres and rehabbing a modular trailer
  • 6:30 $125,000 investment price, guess how much we will make?!
  • 7:40 Sometimes good deal fall into your lap
  • 8:00 Things to make sure of before your closing date
  • 8:30 Get a lockbox on the property
  • 10:00 Change the locks. Why?
  • 11:23 Picky about hiring rehab crews
  • 11:41 Have the crew ready on closing day!
  • 12:50 the more you do in the beginning, the more money you make at the end
  • 13:13 The 15 minute calls are working!
  • 14:02 Life equity challenge – Pray 5 minutes all week for others
  • 15:30 Dwanderful.com = 4 FREE EBOOKS. Go opt in, leave a review, and subscribe
  • 16:03 The truth is in red letters!

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