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Brad Roth is the guest today on Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires. Brad has been a top producing agent since 1998 and he started Coaching agents in 2005. Brad is consistently in the top of his company and was inducted into his company’s HALL OF FAME IN 2018 with over $250,000,000 in sales. 

Dwan and Brad discuss how the life of sales began at a young age of 6 selling candy bars and has only soared since. He talks about his life and how he tackles deals much like Dwan, looking out for his clients first. Brad shares with us his best deal, his worst deal, and 3 tips that listeners can enact now to make a difference in their lives.

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We want to shout-out to our listener Donna Carter who has this to say about Dwanderful:


Always look forward to Dwan’s ideas

Dwan is doing a great service for us individual investors. I learn so much from her. I’ve listened to every episode, some more than once. Good stuff.

  • 1:15 Dwan talk about why we interview successful people
  • 1:37 Our motto
  • 1:52 Introduction to Brad Roth and his Podcast “All Things Real Estate”
  • 2:40 Drinks with Dwan, Water!
  • 3:05 Shake it off and get ready to have some fun!
  • 3:18 Dwan asks Brad about all of his trophies
  • 3:30 Brad talks about how long he has been at his company and the trophies, and the hall of fame
  • 4:15 Brad tell us about himself and who he is today
  • 5:30 Dwan asks Brad about being a realtor vs being an investor
  • 5:55 The benefits of having a realtors license while investing
  • 6:12 Talking to clients about making good decisions
  • 7:06 Brad talks about a current client he is helping and their situation
  • 8:17 Everyone is different!
  • 8:46 Dwan talks about why you need an investing friendly real estate agent
  • 9:38 Dwan emphasizes “people before profits”
  • 11:08 How to reach Brad Roth
  • 11:34 Dwan and Brad talk about trademarking within their business
  • 14:45 Brad is turning 51!
  • 15:29 How Brad go started in sales…at the age of 6!
  • 17:00 The realization that he never wanted to work “by the hour”
  • 17:39 Brad gets a job at 15
  • 18:13 Making $500 a week…in high school!
  • 19:13 Brad in college…he rented an airplane for a date!
  • 20:15 Brad working for his dad
  • 21:26 Working in a call center will cure your fears of sales!
  • 22:12 Working in “the boiler rooms” making phone calls
  • 24:21 Brad talks about going from being a car salesman to working real estate
  • 24:55 Brad at 27, mother diagnosed with Alzheimers and he needed a job to help care for her.
  • 26:00 Taking mom to show homes, she was a great deal closer
  • 27:39 The greatest gift you can give yourself is…
  • 29:44 Brads wife is a better closer than him!
  • 30:10 How Brad met his wife and marriage is work
  • 35:10 Dwan asks for Brads best deal and his worst deal and for 3 tips people can put into action now

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