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Why love is so important and 1 Corinthians 13 are the topic of this episode of Business by the Book. Also, Dwan shares some foundational principles of Christianity including the Trinity, Holy Spirit and how to have a relationship with Jesus. Furthermore, she goes in detail about the author Paul, originally Saul, and how the Lord used him just as He can use each of us. Next, she shares how the Lord speaks to her along with a couple of personal stories from her own life and expounds on spiritual gifts-including her own.

Also, Dwan shares about an upcoming series that she and Bill plan to start in January called Marriage Matters. Lastly, she asks for prayer as she continues to share from the Bible and invites you to opt in at dwanderful.com. She would appreciate five stars, a review and for you to share Business by the Book with your network. Thank you for tuning in!

Time Stamps:
1:01 Dwan welcomes you to another segment of Business by the Book.
1:27 Dwan introduces Corinthians and shares that it’s written by Paul.
2:09 Dwan explains “Christmas and Easter Christians.”
5:21 Dwan explains what Christians believe.
5:51 Dwan shares how to have a relationship with Jesus.
6:21 Dwan explains the Trinity.
7:26 Dwan explains the Holy Spirit.
8:21 Dwan shares John 3:16.
10:00 Dwan talks about gossiping.
13:30 Dwan shares a personal story about speaking about Jesus in public.
16:51 Dwan talks about a podcast her and Bill are going to do together in January called Marriage Matters.
17:21 Dwan talks about Saul becoming Paul and how God used him.
21:11 Dwan explains how the Lord speaks to her.
22:30 Dwan reads and explains 1 Corinthians 13.
26:10 Dwan talks about spiritual gifts.
32:40 Dwan talks about upcoming Business by the Books.
33:10 Dwan asks for prayer and for you to go to dwanderful.com and opt in.

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