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Psalm 23 is the focus of this Business by the Book with Dwan. First, Dawn shares her favorite verse and highlights other verses out of the passage. Also, she shares a personal testimony from her life leading up to meeting Bill. Specifically, she underscores the significance of old ways dying. Lastly, Dwan offers encouragement that every day is a new day.

Thank you for listening, and please share Business by the Book with someone that comes to mind. See you next time. Remember, the truth is in the red letters!

Time Stamps:
:58 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever, introduces herself and her motto.
1:10 Dwan recaps Business by the Book.
1:57 Dwan shares about and reads Psalm 23.
5:37 Dwan highlights using scripture for a biblically based business and moral compass.
6:51 Dwan shares her favorite verse.
7:07 Dwan talks about the valleys of the shadow of death.
9:24 Dwan encourages you that every day is a new day.
10:51 Dwan talks about the death of old ways in her personal life.
13:51 Dwan shares the story of her and Bill meeting.
17:37 Dwan talks about giving things to God and waiting.
20:16 Dwan reads Psalm 23 again.

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