Corona Websites for Help

#106 Corona Websites for Help

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Corona websites for help is this episode’s focus of Dwanderful. In fact, Dwan talks about the research she’s been doing for distressed homeowners in the aftermath of the pandemic. Next, she shares her findings in hopes of being helpful. Specifically, she mentions websites and Google searches that are offering relief and assistance for mortgages and more.

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Time Stamps:
:55 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever.
1:22 Dwan gives an update since her last podcast episode.
2:27 Dwan toasts to a drink of live enzymes.
4:51 Dwan shares an experience and scripture from her journal.
9:30 Dwan shares about her Twitter account being suspended.
10:51 Dwan talks about the research she’s been doing.
12:07 Dwan shares about her package at
12:23 Dwan shares temporary sites to take advantage of for distressed homeowners in the aftermath of COVID.
15:31 Dwan talks about Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Grant:
15:51 Dwan talks about COVID HAMP: and CARES act:
18:36 Dwan encourages you to visit and look up your county for help with mortgages.
18:51 Dwan talks about
25:34 Dwan encourages you to Google “mortgage assistance for {your state}.”
29:39 Dwan encourages you that you can be the change to what you are seeing around you.
30:23 To grab the wholesale program, visit
30:51 Dwan talks about the equities of life.
32:35 Dwan encourages issues this week equity of life challenge: family.
34:51 Dwan asks you to opt in at
35:08 Dwan asks for you to give a 5 star review.


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