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In this episode, Bill shares how to handle inbound calls from IBHC (I Buy Houses Cash) signs. Furthermore, he shares where and when to put up IBHC signs. Also, he shares how to get them and how to handle responses from them. Lastly, Bill invites you to subscribe to both Dwanderful and Investor’s Edge University. Finally, remember that champions never give up. In fact, they get up and keep moving. Happy Investing on the Go!

Time Stamps:
:56 Bill welcomes you to Investing on the Go.
1:16 Bill introduces today’s topic: how to handle inbound calls from IBHC (I Buy Houses Cash).
1:51 Bill suggests a great place to get IBHC bandit signs – banditsigns.com/twyford.
2:09 Bill suggests when to put out bandit signs.
2:51 Bill goes over the script when you get calls from your IBHC signs.
16:36 Bill asks for you to subscribe to Dwanderful.com, give five stars and share, share, share.

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