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In this episode, Dwan shares the exact steps to the golden buyer’s list. Actually, Dwan shares about her own personal golden buyer’s list dating all the way back to when she first met Bill. Also, she shares how she built it by asking the right questions, thinking of her buyers when looking at houses and training her buyers to not be “tire kickers.”Furthermore, she invites you to make 30K in 30 days with her program available at dwanderful.com/flip.

Lastly, Dwan invites you to watch her podcasts on YouTube at YouTube.com/dwanderful, subscribe to her podcast, write a review and share with your network. Don’t forget to join Bill on Saturdays for Investing on the Go.. Happy July, and remember, the truth is in the red letters!

Time Stamps:
1:02 Dwan welcomes you to the most dwanderful real estate podcast ever.
1:04 Dwan reminds you that if you’re not making as much money as you think you’re worth, then you need to implement what she teaches on the podcast.
2:15 Dwan introduces herself and her trademarks.
2:32 Dwan shares about being back in Iowa.
2:51 Dwan shares about her antiques and invites you to shop at everythingriverfront.com.
3:27 Dwan cheers to her raspberry bone and joint drink.
5:51 Dwan shares a health update.
7:34 Dwan asks for likes, reviews and for you to subscribe.
7:51 Dwan introduces her wholesaling program to make 30K in 30 days.
11:01 Dwan talks about when she first met Bill and compares their buyer’s lists.
11:51 Dwan explains “tire kickers.”.
14:51 Dwan shares what to notice in houses for the buyers on your list.
15:28 Dwan shares how to train buyers to work with you.
17:51 Dwan shares the questions she asks and you can find them at dwanderful.com/flip
30:51 Dwan shares when you should take someone off your buyer’s list.
33:57 Dwan shares the benefit of having buyers trained and lined up when you get houses under contract.
35:07 Dwan talks about the funnel of your business.
36:11 Dwan shares that flipping is how she mader her first $1 million.
36:51 Dwan invites you to watch her podcast on youtube.com/dwanbenttwyford.
37:51 Dwan issues the equity of life challenge: family and creating generational wealth.
39:32 Dwan’s granddaughter shares her investment.
43:20 Dwan invites you to join her next week.

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